We Specialize in Framing Jerseys!


Framing a jersey has never been easier (or more customizable) than it is with Pro Framing! We specialize in framing jerseys of every type: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey - Professional or Collegiate!

With Pro Framing, you receive:

Expert Craftsmanship - Our Parent Company is Ultimate Autographs, so we know what it takes to make a signature and jersey stand out in a room!

Team-By-Team Auto Color Recommendation - Our team of expert framers played a role in curating our website to assure your jersey will match your favorite NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA team!

Quick Turnaround - Every order is guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep within ten business days from the day we receive your jersey!

Below are the four fully customizable jersey design options we offer our customers. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ or call or email us today!



Pro Framing offers two styles of our ProMVP Jersey Framing Service (vertical and horizontal). Both styles offer sports collectors multiple design options when crafting their preferred look. 

Both ProMVP styles are fitted to a distinctive 32x40 black wooden frame with beveled edges and fit two enormous 8x10 photos of the player!

The horizontal orientation adds matching team logos to the top corners of the frame and is then finalized with the team's name boldly centered below the jersey.

The vertical orientation places the team logo squarely below the autographed numbers!

Customize Your ProMVP (Horizontal) | Customize Your ProMVP (Vertical)



Our ProElite style is the tried and true design that has been passed on through generations of framers. However, at Pro Framing, we added our own unique twist to enable our customers to modify the frame to show off their favorite team's name and logo or their favorite player's stats.

All ProElite jerseys are fitted to a traditional 32x40 black wooden frame with beveled edges.

Begin Designing Your ProElite Frame Now


Pro Framing’s ProClassic Jersey Framing Service provides a sleek, clean design for collectors with limited wall space. ProClassic naturally blends your favorite athlete’s jersey into a team-specific canvas that makes the signature pop, and boldly showcases your team's colors.

All ProClassic jerseys are fitted to a brilliant black wooden frame with beveled edges. Standard ProClassic frames ship in a 20x24 frame. However, all upgraded frames ship in a 24x30 frame.

Fit Your Jersey with the ProClassic Style Today

Best of All: Every Client Receives the Pro Framing Difference: 

  • Affordable and competitive prices
  • Mounting hardware
  • Complimentary upgrade to UV Protected Glass, which protects your final design from fading due to sunlight exposure

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